Rembo’s dream

Artist: Matei Arn─âutu

Curator: Diana Dochia

25.05.2012 – 22.06.2012

Opening: 25.05.2012, at 08:00 p.m. in the framework of the White Night of Galleries, NAG#6

“Rembo’s dream” contains subtle references to the aggressive competitiveness of the childhood games through installations that recreate at a natural scale, often oversized, toy guns belonging to urban folklore. Each child has a different manner of playing the survival, whether we talk about a sling, a cornet or about the latest computer game. “Therefore”, as the artist declared “in a competition, be it on the pavement, between blocks of flats, or in the virtual environment, you can die as many times as you want, resurrect, or, if you are injured, you take someone else’s life”.

“Rembo’s dream” exhibitions challenges you to a survival game thinking about childhood’s weapons, when you are “killed”, “wounded” or “saved”. But what happens if these games become reality, if you don’t have a “reverse” button, a wonder potion which adds you live or a superhero to save you? What if the game becomes reality?

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release – Rembo’s dream – Matei Arnautu