Anaid Art Gallery was established in 2004, and it is a portfolio private gallery designated for contemporary art. Since the beginning, gallery’s goal was to represent a benchmark in the global art world, to introduce Romanian artists to the international art market and also to facilitate the promotion of international artists in Romania. Operating on two levels and following a circular path, the gallery has 120m2  designated for temporary exhibition of contemporary art.

Anaid Art Gallery aims are to promote Romanian contemporary art by developing partnerships and collaborations with international galleries, to encourage and stimulate aesthetical values, offering a welcoming space for communication between the artist and the public.

The objectives of the gallery are: to awarenes of contemporary society to artistic act; creating an informed audience, able to decipher and assimilate contemporary aesthetic issues; to coordinate the research and promotion of contemporary Romanian art; to develop a frame for artistic information communications through media etc.

For ten years, the gallery has developed a series of partnerships and collaborations with museums, cultural centers and art universities from Romania and abroad. At the same time, the gallery has participated from 2005 in the international art market at international art fairs.

Anaid Art Gallery presents the last tendencies in art, design, architecture, new media within personal and/or group exhibition of and/or well known young artists from Romania, as well from other parts of the world.

Anaid Art Gallery has form the beginning been an innovative provider of exhibition events. It was the first contemporary art gallery to imitate and implement the concept of exhibition design in Romania, in 2007 through the program “anaid art + architecture project”. In 2008, Anaid Art Gallery was the first contemporary art gallery from Romania to create a curatorial space dedicated to fashion design, within the Anaid Art Concept Space department.

anaid art + architecture project

In 2007 the gallery had initiated the program “anaid art + architecture project” as following collaboration between a contemporary art gallery and an architecture studio. anaid art + architecture project wants to be a kind of launching platform of some contemporary art projects through a ceaseless metamorphosis of the gallery’s interior space. anaid art + architecture project suggests another way of reading and reflecting upon contemporary art and a new way of seeing and interacting with a space meant for contemporary art. anaid art + architecture project represents in the Romanian exhibition practice a new way of seeing and managing an artistic project of contemporary art. anaid art + architecture project imposed itself as a necessity in the practice of contemporary art exhibitions, of making a proper atmosphere and fitting out of the space meant to put to account the artistic concepts. anaid art + architecture project concerns the interaction of the public with the contemporary art through architecture and with the architecture through contemporary art.

From 2006, Anaid Art Gallery has been a member of National Romanian Museums Networks (RNMR). From 2013 it has been a member of the Association of the Contemporary Art Galleries in Romania (AGACOR).