In the Name of…

Artist: Tara (von Neudorf)

Curator: Diana Dochia

16.11.2012 – 25.01.2013

Opening: 16.11.2012, at 07:00 p.m.

“In the Name of…” is a big project that includes one hundred old maps painted and drawn with the images of one hundred military coffins. The coffins represent the soldiers which given their lives in different wars, and now after many years they came back at home. The starting point for this project came in the moment when Tara (von Neudorf) saw a movie about a soldier that comes home dead from the battle field. “In the Name of…” is about sacrifice. Whether it is a sacrifice made on behalf of a country, in the name of a leader, on behalf of an idea, on behalf of a political regime, in the name of patriotism, religion or doctrine. The coffins talk about our world and about the worlds that we are built it through the history. The representation of the coffin is a very smooth and virulent criticism against the futility of the war.

The exhibition “In the Name of…” raises a number of inquiries to the notion of armed conflict. For what we fight? For whom we fight? Are justified the sacrifices made by the soldiers in Rome, Posada, Munich, Mochacs, etc? Or the fact that the sacrifice is made on behalf of someone or for someone justify the correctness of our actions. War is the solution?

The works made by Tara (von Neudorf) can be extremely uncomfortable by addressing the often highly sensitive subjects, scanning the most hidden and dark parts of the truth. He is not the partisan of an ideology or a belief. Tara (von Neudorf) is just an artist that watching closely, that records and writes down and does not give verdicts.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release In the Name of….2012