Delirium Tremens

Artists: Harem6 (Flavia Marele & Ildikó Mureşan), Ana Maria Micu, Cătălin Petrişor, Alexandru Rădvan, András Szabó, Tara (von Neudorf)

Curator: Diana Dochia

18.10.2007 – 28.10.2007 at Atas Gallery in Cluj-Napoca

Opening: 18.10.2007 at 07:30 pm at Atas Gallery in Cluj-Napoca

The exhibition it will be open in the framework of the Autome Academy “Europa Artium” organized by the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca between 17 – 20 Octomber 2007.

Delirium Tremens

Confusion, disorientation, agitation. Anxiety, hallucinations, panic, attacks.

Restlessness, suffocation, fear, tremble, dizziness. Silence.

An exhibition about moods, conflicts, relations, filiations.

An exhibition about us and what marks us, haunts us, defines us and form us as individuals.

A continuous questioning about our own personality.

An intrusion and an X-ray photograph of the society we are living in.

A short circuit in the frame of a neurotically alienated realism.

Seen as a body the exhibition reunites seven artists, who at first sight, have nothing in common and each of them outlines an individual artistic development extremely well defined.

Tara often presents a sickly closeness towards the subjects approached, in which the feelings of love and hate merge turning into amazement and amusement. Although revolted, often beyond measure, Tara doesn’t hate, but he rather challenges, with the wish of being understood. There is a permanent tension and a continuous questioning in Alexandru Rădvans’s studies and projects. Obsessed by betrayal, tortured by regrets, condemned by fate, Judas hangs himself. An atomic Morning follows.

As if from another movie, two feminine characters take photographs of an allegorical wedding. András Szabó suggests antagonistic images by placing side by side his grandmother’s dining room, full of objects, imaginary beings, which seem to cross through thousand of light years in time. A doll. Everything becomes weird; we are entering in a bizarre world with Harem6, full of disguise, full of dreams invaded by insects and modern Centauries, full of symbols long forgotten. Two parallel worlds in which the dream mixes with reality.

Self-contemplation, self-knowledge, self-development, self-representation signed by Ana Maria Micu. An introspection, a partial reflection, seen in three records, a chaotically seeking, isolating. An ideal. Chroma Sky, the image behind the image, the projecting of the image, perception of the projected image. Cătălin Petrişor isn’t interested by the subject but by the environment itself.

The Sky = Blue Screen.

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Curator: Diana Dochia

Delirium tremens eng, 2007, Cluj