Boxes, drawers and a gibbon

Artist: Raluca Arnăutu

Curator: Diana Dochia

05.03.2015 – 10.04.2015

Opening: 05.03.2015, at 07:30 p.m.

From the drawer I pulled an old box. I opened it and I have seen only a magnifier. I took it and I look through it. In the right corner there was an old pen, across a large X drawn in chalk, almost faded. Next to X, on the right edge of the box there was a tack that anchored an old velvet ribbon, torn.  Perhaps to counterbalance the cap. On the ribbon there was half of a cobweb that, in the lamplight had the shape of a screaming mouth. Beyond the cobweb there was a demountable plastic toy. A shark….only the head. I searched the body with the magnifier but I couldn’t find it. In the left corner, up, I found a fragment of a possible drawing, in ink, watercolour or charcoal….it was too small. I pulled outside the box and under it reigned a bright green beetle, motionless, perfectly preserved. Little bellow it a piece of black fur, a little dusty, completing beetle’s wings as if it had train. A faint flurry and the so called train fluffed as if it was flying.

Moreover, I found some hobnails and a fine lacery under the form of a lily. 

In the cap reigned a mirror, that, in direct sunlight, shone, as if was the eye of a god observing everything that moves in the box. I looked in it, but not directly. I saw something else….and I understood.

Raluca Arnăutu

Press release – Boxes , drawers and a gibbon – Raluca Arnautu – Raluca Arnautu