Artist: Raluca Arnăutu

Curator: Diana Dochia

06.03.2014 – 05.04.2014

Opening: 06.03.2014, at 07:30 p.m.

Raluca Arnăutu imagines tales with unreasoning, fantastic, well designed characters that send us to a book that hasn’t been discovered yet. “Phantasmagoria” is about projecting phantasms in images, about a zoomorphic bestiary designed according to some personal rigors, where reality overlaps with dream. A dreamlike world full of fantastic animals, full of profound experiences and feelings.

An anthropological like world connected to that of Max Ernst, Victor Brauner and Joan Miró. Drawings question characters that represent a symbol in old fairy tales and legends such as wolf, dragon, eagle, polar bear, fish or cat, through technical and mental collages, that outline a world of strong feelings where you can no longer distinguish between reality and dream.

Raluca Arnăutu creates a zoomorphic world, where animals from different world are mixed, resized, reconstituted or rethought. These are characters that roam the world up and down trying to find their place, to live in peace. Dealing with images is almost never possible into a simple description, passive, but express an attitude, a polemic regarding reality, or at least a question mark to the notion of “real”, creating an alternative parallel universe. Her characters are moving fast borrowing objects or elements from other characters, building a world of experimental researches. Associations, often unnatural suggest the surrealist aesthetics of forced admixture of elements that transfigures and transforms reality itself. Drawings of Raluca Arnăutu diminish the borders between reality and dream, becoming a projection of our own desires. The series of “Monsters”, this time sketched in a harmless manner are dreamers, winged, defending or spitting clouds.

The exhibition “Phantasmagoria” is inhabited by a whole supernatural bestiary that descend from, or even having subtle lineages with the work of Victor Brauner or Gellu Naum. By designing her own phantasms within a synthetic and syncretical drawing at the same time she reveals a transcending of reality in a fantastic universe.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release – Phantasmagoria – Raluca Arnautu