Artist: Kyle Fitzpatrick

Curator: Diana Dochia

15.04.2014 -10.05.2014

Opening: 15.04.2014, at 7:30 p.m.

“When I was a kid, my grandma had a “weather stone”: a magic “forecaster” rock tied on string and hanging between two posts.
She explained to me how it worked: when the rock was wet on top; that meant it had rained. When snow capped it; it snowed. When it was swinging in the wind; it was windy, etc.
At 5 years old, the humor escaped me.
I simply believed the stone was magic. An amulet.
When I manipulated it, I could make rain and wind, and by untying one end and throwing this rock
as high as I could, its orbit created firmaments and constellations in my mind.
When I played with this innate, ambivalent stone, it became inseparable from me.
It was likely my first struggle against matter.”

Kyle Fitzpatrick, artist

The exhibition “Meridian” of the American artist Kyle Fitzpatrick brings once again into question issues of contemporary art related to matter and materiality. By using in his artistic approaches a variety of elements and texture he underlines aspects on how to interpret and approach the canvas in question. If the drawing of Kyle Fitzpatrick is extremely delicate and airy, when it comes about painting, issues on image’s materiality is resolved by dealing with pictorial surfaces with juxtaposition of elements taken from the collage technique and/or by successive overlapping of material.

Loss of mystery leads to destruction or impossibility to recover the past. Septic spaces, often unclear, where shadows of Kyle Fitzpatrick dwell, describe a world in which the individual disappears. Figures in the works and devastated areas recall a world that is about to disintegrate remaining only certain elements. People form Kyle Fitzpatrick’s works do not communicate, they have no direct contact with the viewer, are more like presences, the artist being first of all concerned with the representation of the sense of human presence and on the other hand with the context. Therefore, the viewer is confronted with a series of images where the human eye sees the human presence and feels it, but can not perceive in its materiality.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release – Meridian – Kyle Fitzpatrick