Free Will

Artist: Mihai Florea

Curator: Diana Dochia

06.03.2013 – 06.04.2013

Opening: 06.03.2013, ora 19:00

Alternative Worlds

“Step, by your free will, beyond time, space and reality”.

“Free Will” is a project about the extended universe, about possible universes, and why not, about parallel universes that coexist. “Free Will” reveals multiple worlds where all the possible and future alternative theories are real, each one representing a “real world” or a “real universe”, containing everything that exists and can exist.

Mihai Florea is interested in the immersion, through our minds, into an alternative history that implies a sort of time travel. This time, the journey is marked by reflections on the shiny surfaces of cars vintage or not yet invented. It involves an inter-dimensional travel in a parallel universe that can coexist with our real universe. Each work is accompanied by an exact description of the time it is referring to. We start with an underwater journey discovering the ruins of Atlantis; we reach Paris of 1894; we march through a 1932 Berlin; we observe UFOs in Roswell in 1947; we arrive in Havana of 1953; we feel the bulletproof atmosphere of Moscow in 1981; we see bloody Delhi in 1992 and arrive in the future, with sophisticated Barcelona of 2303. Time travel can cause a change in the timeline, a branching out point that will lead to changes in the present. Since the future is only feasible, we may say that multiple possible universes could coexist under the idea of “multiple universes”. This suggests that our world simultaneously thrives with other ones that are under expansion.

Projecting borgian “fork roads”, Mihai Florea has the capacity to dream and design worlds in a different manner. Mihai Florea’s paintings present us a labyrinth of alternative reflected worlds that multiply within an ephemeral reality. Starting from the figurative painting of hyper realistic origins, Mihai Florea essentializes the image until it reaches abstraction. The viewer will feel the need to return, “gearing” a different and unpredictable interpretation each time.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release – Free Will – Mihai Florea