Artist: Zsolt Berszán

Curator: Diana Dochia

12.04.2013 – 17.05.2013

Opening: 12.04.2013, at 07:30 p.m.

“The corpse, seen without God and outside of science, is the utmost of abjection. It is death infecting life.”
Julia Kristeva, “Powers of Horror”

The project “ABlackJECTION” should be decoded in the philosophical key that Julia Kristeva proposed to us, where the abjection is given by that part within us that we exclude, that we want to remove. According to Julia’s Kristeva theory, “abjection” exists somewhere between the concepts of object and subject, representing taboo elements of self and being situated outside the symbolic order, facing an experience that it is permanently traumatic.

The notion of “abjection”, which at the beginnings referred to the idea of sprit degradation, it’s evilly and indignity would be exploited in the poststructuralist theories as being the one that disturbs the conventional identities. Kristeva considers that “abject” is the one that disturbs the social premises that form the basis of social order.

Zsolt’s Berszán works avoid the symbolical meaning, reaching to the point when, as Kristeva asserted “meaning collapses”. These are evidences of a place that existed before the beginnings, of a primary point from where all started. Berszán depicts in his drawings and paintings the primary turmoil where the violence of the unbinding has created the substance and existence. It is the moment when conscious and unconscious don’t exist, when the ideas of human and animal haven’t appeared yet, where, “I” and the “other” are not yet separated. Berszán tries to bring forward the moment of the brutal unbinding between “I” and the “others”, “abjection” being in Kristeva’s perception a “precondition of narcissism”. It is about a disturbance of the system, of order, a violation of limits that draws attention to “fragility of life”. The confrontation with the materiality of Berszán’s works refers to the idea of beginning, but at the same time end, death. The organic structure of the materials radiates a sensation of oddity, mystery exploring the struggle of the primary scene, the moment when appears the awareness of real existence and rejection of death. It is the struggle of the individual against his own dissolution.

Within the black of substantiality Zsolt Berszán introduces protuberances and distorted compounds that refer to a new non-finite of beginning or of the end.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release- ABlackJECTION – Zsolt Berszan