Artist: Raluca Arn─âutu

Curator: Diana Dochia

22.11.2012 – 01.02.2013

Opening: 22.11.2012, ora 19:30

- Grandma, grandmaa, grandmaaaaa where are you? Where are we going?

- Don’t be afraid, we will go in a place full of mystery. It is called Zoolandia.

- Zoolandia?!

- Yes, it is a place where you can return whenever you want. You just have to have imagination and not to forget to dream.

- You mean a place where dogs can have more tongues and feathers?! And, you know grandmother, the fish which through his scales emanates light? I can see it, its right here. Look, we have a Centipede with little hands to move faster. It is exactly as in my dreams.

- Yes, yes, in Zoolandia dreams become reality.

- Grandma, looks a herbarium, and what a colorful mushrooms!

- Be careful, be careful, in this wonderful world there are also menaces. There are carnivorous flowers and it is full of mushrooms. You must be careful, not all the mushrooms are good. If you touch the wrong mushroom, you will not be able to dream anymore and you will not be able to return to Zoolandia.

- But the lady, who is the lady?

- Aaaaaaaaaaa, the grand lady is the Cat, she masters Zoolandia. Here, things rapidly transform depending what you dream. There is one rule DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. If you do, you will not be able to dream.

- If I touch, I will not be able to dream, I will not be able to dream…

- Yes, yes, it is important to dream, your dreams create thousand of stories and in this way the game is infinite. Do not forget to dream and play.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release – Zoolandia – Raluca Arnautu