Do not dispose after use

Artist: Ioana Iacob

07.03.2012 – 07.04.2012

Opening: 07.03.2012, at 07:30 p.m.

Ioana Iacob is fascinated by objects that are apparently insignificant in every day life. Any thing with an overwhelming banality for any other eye becomes a subject of visual investigation for the artist. However, there is not a mere investigation of the object form but rather a formal and contextual one. The artistic perception is not limited to register the contours and surfaces of things. It catches the atmosphere in which the objects are presented to us, the way they are built in their relationship with one another and in their relationship with their surrounding space.

The objects from Ioana’s paintings and collages aggregate and individualize themselves, they ingratiate or outspokenly impose themselves, they multiply or distinguish themselves through the improbability of proximity. The objects design, namely the way they are presented to us, is definitely the starting element of the artist’s selection. However, this presence may never be established in an isolated manner. An iPod, a lipstick, a coffee cup, a knife or a lamp are present, each one in part, to the extent they create to you plausible vicinities with other objects of our every day life.

Extremely provocative in Ioana’s items is the erotic reference associated to the objects – provocative only through discretion, through their subtle suggestion. The downright eroticism, even pornographic, from the artist’s older paintings is being replaced now by disguised references: cylinder lipsticks or Brancusi’s sculptures, a set of handcuffs or a cactus are installed in Ioana’s paintings and collages as forms and also as signs of eroticism. In the reverse sense, the sexual instruments that are insinuated in her works are “articulated” through the focus on form and a function minimization.

The humane aspect as well as the animalist aspect is reigning. Feminine presences in the artist’s collages are fragmented and sub-dimensioned, as they become mere images-objects of every day life. Rather unexpected in Ioana’s works is the presence of the food aspect: unexpected because its perishable condition makes difficult to consider it as permanent. The key in which this visual presence needs to be read is that of the domestic space that creates additions and formal agglutinations being ignored by the current perception.

From the perspective of the artistic environment, the use of collage has a full meaning, if we think of the themes tackled by Ioana. Moreover, it is also an outline of the artist’s first medium: painting. Is painting capable to grasp and wrap up the universe of the objects of our daily existence? Or is it outclassed by other media for the production and fixing of the objects image? One thing is certain, namely that Ioana’s paintings and collages are building together a convincing pleading for an aesthetic reassessment of our every day life.

Curator: Mara RaĊ£iu

Press release – Do not dispose after use – Ioana Iacob