Silent Faces

Artist: Remus Grecu

Curator: Dochia Diana

10.03.2011 – 02.04.2011

Vernisaj: 10.03.2011, at 07:30 p.m.

A wise man will read on our face: we are some rogues, we have a facile, questionable, artificial expression with the frequent fine lines lying in wait.

Jonathan Swift

Murder is the ultimate expression of power demonstrated by the individual; but also the quintessential act of evil. The slayer is one who trivializes humanity, one who assumes both the roles of judge and executioner. Murder is a deed which exceeds society’s ethical and religious boundaries. And the consequence? Guilt. Supreme guilt. An incurable guilt which must be carried, growing like an uncontrollable blemish upon the individual. The killer exists as a cast-off on the edge of the society. He is the subject with whom we don’t wish to speak, whose nature we don’t wish to know.

In Silent Faces, Remus Grecu brings into focus those very images we strive to avoid: those dehumanized individuals, stigmatized because they have committed the greatest sin. The artist – by taking the crime psychopathology and physiognomic studies signed by Rodney Davies – realizes a series of mute portraits.

Remus Grecu doesn’t criticize, he doesn’t judge or give verdicts. He watches. His intent is plain. He draws with a cold realism, a rigorously crafted, powerful realism.

Silent Faces is an exhibition that provokes us all of us to look straight into the eyes of the murderer – in cold blood.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release – Silent Faces – Remus Grecu