Siberia – The place to hide away

Artists: Alexander Kuptzov, Dinare Hafizova, Tatiana Antonuk, Vasilina Popova, Gleb Pokrov, Roza Mozaiskaya, Alexey Akimov, Marjan Teeuwen

Curator: Alexandra Semenova

24.11.2011 – 8.12.2011

Opening: 24.11.2011, at 7:30 p.m

Siberia – The place to hide away

The exhibition devoted to Siberia, to cryptic place on the world map.

On one hand, the exhibition is about international meaning of the concept “Siberia”, which exists as stable mythology in the mind of any person. And here we have all well-known stereotypes: icy cold, bears, balalaikas, vodka, nuclear energy and etc. And also there are historical facts about exiled people. To say more in the context of eschatological predictions according to some forecast: Siberia will be the place to be saved in global catastrophes. The title of the exhibition derived from this universal meaning of the concept “Siberia”. Here we have the idea that somewhere in new technological world still the place with homely archaic mythology exists, which is essential for the future.

On the other hand, the exhibition is about Siberia as the part of the world in the process of globalization. From this point of view Siberia – it is the place where big cities subject to monotonous urban structure as everywhere, some international brands for shops and fast-food also present and it dwells in the same information space as the whole world. To show this idea the exhibition turn to present contemporary art practice in Siberia – photo projects, art photo, video art, three-dimensional painting.

The exhibition consists of:

Photo project “Siberian character” with the authors: Alexander Kuptzov, Dinara Hafizova, Tatiana Antonuk, Vasilina Popova, Roza Mozhaiskay, Gleb Pokrov.

About photo project “Siberian character”

The group of Krasnoyarsk photographers with the leader Alexander Kuptzov turns against of total dominance of pops (mass) photography. They organized under grand supporting educational program “Siberian character” and invited the most important Russian and foreign professionals in contemporary art and photography to lecture and to make workshops.

After two years of the program young Krasnoyarsk photographers and artists started to express consciously their author ideas about themselves and about the world around them.

“Siberian character” – fotografii unice a comunităţii din Siberia; se orientează pe gândirea şi realizarea unor fotografii cu înţeles.

Video “Incredible journey of Italian in Siberia” de artistul video Alexey Akimov.

Special project – video documentation of art work by Marjan Teeuwen “Destroyed house in Krasnoyarsk” from the collection of Krasnoyarsk museum of contemporary art.

Sound for the exhibition – electron folklore by “Muxomorov band”.

Curator: Alexandra Semenova

Press release – Siberia – the place to hide away