Lost and Found

Artists: Aitch&Saddo, Matei Arnăutu, Blisi, Suzana Dan, Alexandru Potecă, Raluka, Tara (von Neudorf), Mihaela Zvîncă

Curator: Diana Dochia

24.11.2011 – 31.01.2012.

Opening: 24.11.2011, at 7:30 p.m.

Lost and Found isn’t an exhibition which juggles with the notion of ready made within the space of the “white cube” gallery.

Lost and Found is about objects which communicate states, feelings, desires, nostalgia.

Lost and Found is about that feeling which we all have when in the attic of our grandmother or in a forgotten box we discover old friends: a doll, a little house, a fairy character, a lamp, a candlestick etc.

Lost and Found is a tale, a puzzle which spurs you to act like Alice in Wonderland. Alice enters into the land of Lost and Found through the two oversized dolls created by Aitch & Saddo.

Alice listens to fairytales from the little houses painted by Suzana Dan through the flying ear and consults the city by heart beatings.

Matchsticks, scissors, compass transform themselves into characters that play and chuckle with Alice form Raluka’s printed pillows. They are whispering tales about Blisi’s three gods. They guide Alice through the maze of fairy tales and legends characters drawn into the jewelries of Mihaela Zvîncă.

The installation of Alexandru Potecă transports Alice into the “Golden Era” through the glided objects which create the impression of a moment frozen to time.

Matei Arnăutu’s lamps, designed through the re – conversion of computer chips, old mailboxes or willow baskets guide her, through bright graphisms, into Tara’s land.

The “Transylvanian jungle” is the land of Tara (von Neudorf), a land full with objects made from animal bones, iron, nuts which he converts into candle holders, bracelets, small installations that describe a dead and hopeless world.

…Alice in a psychotic world.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release – Lost and Found