Artist: Ileana Dana Marinescu

Curator: Olivia Niţiş

15.05.2010 – 05.06.2010

Opening: 15.05.2010, at 07:30 p.m.

We offer a look through a magnifying glass.

Micro/Macro is an exhibition about the pleasure of discovering details, about the world that you can not see with the naked eye, about the exercise of another way of looking. While you are looking through the magnifying glass the roles are changing. The artist Ileana Dana Marinescu transforms you in the victims of the same type of analyses, and these twisting games, constantly current in nature and in the perceptive system, receive the most unexpected shades, from the pleasure of the aesthetic effect, amplified by the theatrical vision of the display, to the challenge of analyzes and self-analyses. The medium outlined by the artist, with objects assembled from different materials (metal, glass, stone), with sound interventions and a video with the working process, is one where you can meditate, even for a while, on the relationships between minor and major, between micro and macro, between the meaning of value and insignificant fact, because the exhibition bears the signature of an imaginative explosion of an interactive type.

The artist is playing seriously.

Place Ileana Dana Marinescu under the magnifying glass. Place the artist, the works, the gallery, the curator, the art under the magnifying glass. Here you can decide who is small and who is big. You can judge, label, but only under the condition of placing yourself under the magnifying glass.

Curator: Olivia Niţiş

Press release – Micro Macro, Dana Marinescu