You better tell me a story!

Artists: Andra Andronic (RO), Harem6 (Flavia Marele & Ildikó Mureşan) (RO), Padma Bhatt (AU) and Doroteya Petrova (AU)

Curators: Diana Dochia, Ileana Dubovan

11.06.2010 – 11.07.2010

Opening: 11.06.2010, at 08:00 in the framework of the events “White Night of the Galleries” (NAG#4)


Into a world where stories are gone and the books were forgotten on the shelves, four artists from Romania and Austria imagine and draw their own stories. Andra Andronic (RO), Harem6 (Flavia Marele & Ildikó Mureşan) (EN), Padma Bhatt (AU) and Doroteya Petrova (AU), mixing different techniques and images from the graphics and the object area intertwined with sound, text and animation for children.

You better tell me a story is about story characters, about illustrations from story books, about to tell a story and imaging stories.

Andra Andronic draws Nukka. Nukka is a ubiquitous character (can occur anywhere, anytime, anyway … even when you do not expect). It has feelings … laughing, crying, scaring, and dancing. It’s a cute character that you wish to see him again. Nukka is a unisex character (even if the name, in Inuit language means “younger sister”), inspired by the famous Gopo’s “little man” and Russian matrioshca.

The surreal stories signed Harem6 (Flavia Marele & Ildiko Muresan) imagines the loss of the measure in the contemporary world. Violence causes pain. The drawings signed Harem6 are a manifesto against violence, intolerance. Today’s stories often underlines the warring world in which the intergalactic struggle leads to destruction. Cartoons are often stories referring to the struggle between good and evil, Harem6 illustrates the consequences of this world. Gas mask, birds that sing no more, loco-motor impaired children are a consequence of a world that has forgotten what means kindness, peace, and soul peaceful.

Curator: Diana Dochia

The project proposes an interactive map, along that the story become also a visual adventure. Four artists from Romania and Austria look from different perspectives and choose for different stylistic solutions and backgrounds, trying to approximate the universe of children. Graphics and illustration of books, plastic and animation are the stories support that addresses their fantasy and creativity.

Padma Bhatt lives and works in Vienna, where she completed the graphic design department at the University “Die Angewandte”. She sometimes used a mixed technique that combines collage, drawing and vector drawing into a strong color for creating an “dense” image, as in the “Owen” illustrations series. Sometimes she elaborates images of high plasticity in ink and pencil or “sweetened” graphics with sugar flowers applied and baroque details.

Doroteya Petrova studied at the University “Die Angewandte” in Vienna, where she lives and works. Artist’s book illustration and graphic bears her unmistakable signature: crayon drawing watermark in high sensitivity. Descriptions are only apparently simple, but exciting at the second and third look. Her worlds are “filed” with deliberate naiveté and insecurity, their charm lies in the detail.

Curator: Ileana Dubovan

Press release – You Better Tell Me a Story