Black Objects

Artist: Zsolt Berszán

Curator: Diana Dochia

27.10.2010 – 19.11.2010

Opening: 27.10.2010 at 7:30 pm

Zsolt Berszán is concerned in the framework of his artistic projects for the development of large installation appealing from the intrusion of science and technology. The series of Black Objects comes from the using of cutting-edge materials in the framework of the designing and creation of the work of art that leads to a query, about our environment in that we are living, and about the way in that this common, mundane elements stresses an idea, a project, an artistic concept.

If we were to relate only for a second to Walter Benjamin’s theory on the loss of aura of the artwork in the age of the mechanical reproduction of the 20th century, then we could say that the 21st century through its strong technologically area was to change powerful the reference of the artist and the society towards the constitutive elements of the artwork.

The “Black Objects” by Zsolt Berszán becomes in this way a query about the corporal bipolarity to the decomposition of organic body. Zsolt Berszán uses a series of industrial materials: black silicone, polyurethane foam, aluminum, concrete, asphalt. Black silicon used in the Zsolt Berszán�s artistic project becomes a leitmotif of his work. It is known that modern science see the life system silicon-based an alternative of the life system based on carbon. Silicium is the second element of the Earth’s crust after oxygen, which is less reactive than carbon. Silicium is a constituent of silicon. Silicone is a mixed polymer organic – inorganic that has in its composition, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Using black silicone in the framework of the art project developed by Zsolt Berszán reminds the “black” problematic from the modern and contemporary art history – Malevich, Richter, Rauschenberg and Rothko.

The black silicon shapes are generated on the surface of polystyrene or cardboard, developing an extremely fine perceptible organic structure. This organic structure reveals a series of queries to the perception level of a different way of life based on a different system. Is there life? Maybe.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release – Black Objects – Zsolt Berszan