I never dreamed that you’ll leave in the summer

Artists: Kuki Constantinescu, Dana Bălăneanu

Curator: Camelia Dumitrache

16.05.2009 – 12.06.2009

Opening: 16.05.2009 at 08:00 pm (Museumsnight)

“The memory of a certain image is nothing else but just the regret after a certain moment; and the houses, the streets, the alleys are quickly passing, oh, like the years”.

Marcel Proust, “In Search of Lost Time”

Do you remember Proust and his “madeleine” dipped in tea, that it transposes him into the past, to the childhood? Sometimes we can not travel back in time unless if we have been using the memories, we can escape from the present just if we have been imaging a future…

“I never thought that you will leave in the summer” propose us the return in time through the remembering of a period, a space, a sentiment; talks about memories and about the way in which all of us crave for the lost innocence. If Dana Balaneanu attracts us in her colorful world through a foto negativ, Kuki Constantinescu imposes us an image very common to all and with all of that very meaningful to us.

Kuki Constantinescu makes us to remember that beyond the grey cover of a communist block of flats, beyond of a tight and dusty alley has been hiding sweet memories from the childhood. For Dana Bălăneanu, such a picture reflects the present from which she tries to escape, that she turns into a vegetal world full of storytelling.

Kuki Constantinescu turns back in time, untried to change nothing, but just to expose a world exactly how it is. Dana Bălăneanu creates a parallel world, faraway from the town’s rustling, a world in that she withdraws, a world that we can decipher through an objective of a camera, switched on the negative modus.

Curator: Camelia Dumitrache

Press release – I never dreamed that you’ll leave in the summer