Generation Djihad

Artist: Tara (von Neudorf)

Curator: Diana Dochia

19.03.2009 – 19.04.2009

Opening: 19.03.2009, at 19:30

Generation Djihad is about a guerrilla generation. It is about war, bombes, lies, offensives, robberies, blood, attempts, terrorism.

Generation Djihad is about a dirty, ravished world, forced to live in hate and cowardice.

Generation Djihad is about a revolted generation. A generation that cannot find itself and that doesn’t know to whom and to what to refer itself.

Generation Djihad must be seen as an artistic act in itself that records the crimes of the world, the relationship between the victim and the aggressor.

Generation Djihad is about war theatres powerfully mediated, about what we sell under the form of the digitalized massacres.

Generation Djihad does not impose an ideology, does not sustain a certain moral, and does not constitute a political subject.

Generation Djihad is about symbols, about places and identities, about the massacres of today and perhaps of tomorrow.

Generation Djihad is about Tara. About how the artist Tara perceives and feels the world in which he lives, the atrocities that takes places in different parts of the world. Perhaps he is subjective, perhaps he is brutal, maybe malicious; but Tara is never indifferent, often inconvenient through what he says and makes, but never careless.

Generation Djihad is about the loss of a world and the birth of another, about conquerors and oppressed people, about our and their history.

Generation Djihad is about centuries of war, terror, loneliness, death.

Curator: Diana Dochia

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