The Last Temptation

Artists: Harem6 (Flavia Marele & Ildikó Mureşan), Alexandru Rădvan, Tara (von Neudorf)

Curator: Diana Dochia

17.05.2008 – 21.06.2008

Opening: 17.05.2008 at 08:00 pm (Museumsnight)

“There is a great difference between tempting and leading into error. [...] To tempt is to afford opportunities, which impose no necessity [...]. To lead into error is to place a man under the necessity of inferring and following out what is untrue.”

Blaise Pascal, Pensées

If the Good is the exception and the Evil is the convention of the human behaviour, and if ignorance favours the Evil, then temptations, martyrdoms, torments represent the path towards Good which transgresses Evil. Harem6 (Ildikó Mureşan & Flavia Marele), Alexandru Rădvan and Tara bring into discussion the history and the society in which we are living, what we used to be, what we are and what we might become.

The series “Studies for Homage to Judas” signed by Alexandru Rădvan illustrate “the last temptation” of the traitor apostle Judas. Tormented by betrayal and the guiltiness of his act, Judas hangs himself. The realization of the betrayal, the psychological pressure, the moment in which the temptation becomes a fact and the constant question in the background, if not Judas is the one that fulfils the Divine will, are some of Alexandru Rădvan’s questions. All is in plain sight, compassion and abjection, complicated andsimple, profound and straight, pushing the tragedy to the endurable limit.

Harem6 (Ildikó Mureşan & Flavia Marele) searches the truth beyond conventions in the photographs series “Cirkus”. The contemporary society becomes a scene of temptations, of some “faked ingenuousness” representing the whole dichotomy between corporality and spiritual experience. A carnival world with strange people, “a freak show” in which the abnormal is being transformed into something ordinary. A laboratory which is about to explode and in which we are the test subjects.

Tara’s altar describes states, conflicts, disorientation, confusion, panic, anguish, suffocation, fear, vertigo. This often maladive closeness to the discussed subjects creates a short circuit in the frame of an alienating neurotic realism full of obsessions and contradictions. The delirium, the endless search, the rebellion, all outlines a perpetual intellectual competition seen as a force which allures and torments at the same time.

“The Last Temptation” describes the vision of a painful, mutilated humanity, in which the human being is always alone, irremediably alone.

Curator: Diana Dochia

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