Temporal Segment

Artists: Traian Boldea, Sorana Ţăruş, Szabó András

Curator: Diana Dochia

12.03.2008 – 18.04.2008

Opening: 12.03.2008 at 7:00 pm

There is a memory and a projection at the level of the brain that visual, auditory and tactile signals reach, these being responsible for the perception which represents the “Temporal segment”. “Temporal segment” describes a gap in time, a fragmentation and a discontinuity, a chasm, an opening. Conceived on the “you don’t belong here” principle and illustrating situations or fragments grasped from the surrounding reality, the exhibition of the three artists, Sorana Ţăruş, András Szabó and Traian Boldea, outlines a world seen as a maze of possibilities, of parallel times in which past and future ages are interlinked.

The fragmentary seriality of Traian Boldea’s images often refers to the postmodernism “quotative character” in which the image is taken out from its narrative context and forced to exist independently. Traian Boldea’s characters are reduced human beings, people caught in the run of the present moment, without past and future.

Septic areas from Sorana #354;ăruş’s paintings refer to a time of crisis, alienation in the frame of a progressive dehumanization of the world, playing with the impossibility, with the failure in the frame of a “mass society” often described by David Riesman’s “lonely crowd” concept.

András Szabó takes fragments from daily life in which the game of chance and happening is extremely present, the future becoming as unreal and empty as the past. There is a permanent search of instability, fugitive moments, loss and recapture.

“Temporal segment” does not outline a whole but rather a state of being, a questioning of the society we are living in, a contextualization of the artistic phenomenon in the frame of a society seized by a free oscillation between what used to be and what it will be, between back and forth. “Temporal segment” is a “possible world” born as a result of the “deconstruction of the great stories”, as Jean-François Lyotard asserts.

Curator: Diana Dochia

Press release – Temporal Segment