Perspective 2008

Women artists: Denise Pelletier (Canada), Marilena Preda Sânc (Romania), Émily Laliberté (Canada), Maria Friberg (Suedia), Mónica Mayer (Mexic), Barbara Philip (Olanda), Jūratė Rekevičiūtė (Lituania), Chengyao He (China), Mary Coble (USA), Dorota Nieznalska (Polonia), Ryoko Suzuki (Japonia), Doris Mayer (Austria), Su Tomesen (Olanda)

Curator: Olivia Niţiş

13.11.2008 – 13.12.2008

Opening: 13.11.2008 at 07:00

Who is afraid of feminism?

In Romania today feminism is still considered a marginal subject.

If the communist period generated cultural flaws which distanced the Romanian artistic scene from a series of political and social movements with major cultural effect in the West, after the events from `89 Romania found itself in a painful cultural wandering, in a search for identity which still continues nowadays, in a need, especially after the integration in the European Union, to fall back on the copy-paste formula. A world that wakes up in a self-service phase is a world which will suffer from the unconsciousness handicap, because the past, the causes disappear leaving only the effects visible.

Perspective 2008 project aims to demonstrate that ignorance is not a solution, that feminist art exists, underlining valuable aesthetic and conceptual guidance beginning with the 60s and 70s in the West, and that the resources of this art are still present in today’s international social reality. Feminist art submits a critic discourse addressed to ignorance. The artists communicate messages taking into account the relations between genders, forms of abuse, misinformation, discrimination on various criteria (gender, age, race, social status, ethnicity, sexual orientation), and the way in which the condition is inequitable on the level of power. This project holds forth to observe not so much if feminism is relevant in the international contemporary art, but how it is relevant. This filter of analysis can only be applied by taking into account, as much as possible, the rule of diversity and difference.

Avoiding an artistic phenomenon with solid cultural basis is not a solution in approaching contemporary art.

Curator: Olivia Niţiş

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