Artist: Alexandru Rădvan

Curator: Diana Dochia

24.05.2007 – 24.06.2007

Opening: 24.05.2007 at 08:30 pm

The Terror of Love

“To kill an infidel is not murder; it is the path to Heaven.”

Many Christians know nothing about the Emperor Constantine and his decision of imposing Christianity as the only official religion of the Roman Empire, synonymous at the time with Europe and the civilized world. Next, the Christians started to conquer the world, to enlighten it, to show it the path of love and truth, never wondering if the world needed it. It is a continuous process, which is supposed to last to the end of times. In nearly 1700 years of love spreading, we have developed a criminal arrogance and shallowness. We consider that we are in our right to shape the world according to our look, no matter the means involved.

It is a long time now since the Christians do not persuade, but impose. We have become mean, intolerant and arrogant, closed in the limits of freedom as we see it.

Not only that we do not turn the other cheek, but our Christian love has turned into a hunt for everything that is different. Slowly and very patiently we have undermined our own faith. A new man is born: the Christian distant from Christianity, who raised hypocrisy at the rank of a religion.

We use to judge different religions through the deeds of their adepts. We get so to the conclusion that Mozaism and the Jews are doomed because they did not recognize the truth when showed to them, Islam and Muslims are intolerant and incorrigibly violent and those that make the enormous mistake of worshiping more gods are not even taken into discussion.

But what about us and our faith? What does Christianity look like, seen through the lens of our deeds? Maybe it looks dirtier than we can possibly imagine.

Alexandru Rădvan, artist

Press release – Memories of Constantine, Alexandru Radvan