Ideal Spleen

Artist: Ana Maria Micu

Curator: Diana Dochia

28.06.2007 – 28.07.2007

Opening: 28.06.2007 at 07:30 pm

Self-portrait. To live in claire-obscure. Neo-romantic reinforcement.

Ideal Spleen (via Dead Can Dance/ via Baudelaire): self-contemplation

Blurred symbol. Chaotic concept.

Cut/Reload. “Take me back, I’ve changed my mind”.

There is a certain culpability in self-representation, related to the sin of Narcissus, to self-sufficiency and false recognition: the mirror image is not an identical Self. For me, self-portrait is an obsessive theme and, from a certain moment in time, I began to consider it as a chaotic method to learn through failure. If observation induces knowledge, we might admit that a self-orientated analysis is, from a logical point of view, the most achievable and lucrative observation possible. If we agree that true understanding is possible, nothing could seem more natural as the fact that the first thing we should understand best is ourselves. At the same time, although it starts with the perfect premises, this type of enterprise is, from the beginning, meant to fail, because it lacks the objective detachment required in final analysis. Thus, you have to accept that, by yourself, it is impossible to learn who you really are, but, most definitely, you are the right person to gather all the information that could help this conclusion to be deduced. Because of this, I constructed this project as an unfinished syllogism; a structure of premises, which, I admit, I cannot conclude.

Ana Maria Micu, artist

Press release – Ideal Spleen – Ana Maria Micu