Artists: Marius Bercea, Oana Fărcaş, Kudor Duka István, şerban Savu, Florin Ciulache, Mirela Crăciun, Roman Tolici, Iuliana Vîlsan

Curator: Bogdan Iacob

14.11.2006 – 19.11.2006

Opening: 14.11.2006 at 06:00 p.m.

The paintings from the exhibition ‘Retinal/Seduction’ want to attract and to fascinate the eye, to assume an eye-stopper visual status and participatory to co-interest the sensorial sensibility and the imagination/ the imaginary. The temporal high tide is suspended, the flow of seconds it’s stops into an image, the moment captured the attention as if it cute the breath. The images transforms the moments into a cvasi-touchable reality; either the moment – a snapshot of a scanning of a space by presuppose sociability, in which though so to said the key character is common and alone (Marius Bercea) or in which the sociability is from the beginning designate as illusory and the loneliness it lives in group (Mirela Crăciun), or that relevant for the perception of an physical and mental architecture of a society (şerban Savu). It is offered the moment in that the watched ordinary object became obsession object, passion transferred into image (Florin Ciulache) or is propose the sequentially, the double second as to constitute a narration, it itself a moment into another multitude of possible stories (Roman Tolici). The seduction power of the image point out the seduction potential of the object or the gesture, presents sometimes hypnotically and capable to produce the psychological – perceptive side-slip or hermeneutic into phantasmagoric, psychedelic or the most natural and human sentimental, without to exclude the precision of a strong realism (Oana Fărcaş). The face-image is it shaped with gentility and it is given to the eye thru a precise technical elegance (Kudor Duka István), and the dream irrupts into an objectual simplicity tricky decorative (Iuliana Vîlsan).

Curator: Bogdan Iacob

Press Release – Retinal Seduction