Imago Mundi

Artist: Harem 6 (Flavia Marele şi Ildiko Mureşan)

Curator: Diana Dochia

11.10.2006 – 11.11.2006

Opening: 11.10.2006 at 07:00 p.m.

Any kind of artistic demonstration, any tipe of creation is invariably related to the production of some artists that we appreciate or from whom we really learnt something, because any sort of creation is an extra link belonging to the artistic chain, which goes on for ever for centuries. The present works remind me firstly of scenes from deenway’s movies, but also of surrealist images signed by Ernst, Klee, Dali and Magritte. The succession of images may be considered as an experiment that opens mre widely the doors of art creation and guides us to unknown ways both for me and for the authors. Art consumers – film, theater, art – have lost the meaning of art, that is that every art creation must have a message and a philosophical and artistic opinion about the world we live in, in this case, a world which has lost the connection with God. Why have we forgotten symbols? Or should we learn about these? The apple, the fish, the bird, the bell, the icon, Salomeea or the female body have gathered in this contemporary conception to send forceful ideas. The artists consider their present works as a series of scenes belonging not to a well known story but to a personal, unlimited story. The courage to telling the truth must be necessarily appreciated a lost quality in our present days. We should dare to enter between the borders of this world even if we might eventually recognize ourselves in there; or we may deny it by denying ourselves.

Sipos László, art critic

Press release – Imago Mundi, Harem 6