The Beauty and the Beast

Artists: David Istvan, Marius Jucan, Mircea Suciu, Sorin Tara, Suzana Dan, Dumitru Gorzo, Simona Vilău

Curator: Bogdan Iacob

21.11.2006 – 26.11.2006

Opening: 21.11.2006 at 06:00 p.m.

In “The Beauty and the Beast”, the field of the political protester message is with incisiveness and also naivety (and the word it should be meaning into a pejorative way) covered by the Tara’s works, that it shows again that he is in essence an images and words manipulator, simple in substance, but of a fresh and sharp intelligence. The metaphysical register, of tragically essence, is outlined by Alexandru Rădvan’s works that shows clearly an impressive capacity to choke back, coordinate and coagulate expressive antagonical items: the refinement and the monumentality, the lirism and the historism, the bestiality and the nobles. In meantime Gorzo’s realism mixed the thematic of a Romanian contemporary rural but though pseudo-atemporal with subtle forwarding to a complex thematic of sexuality and maternity, that of David István, reaching the image zone of mediatic type, it constitutes into a stylistically lever for the spectacular that make you conscious of a paroxist violence and implacable that seams to influence the general context of today social life. Marius Jucan, the only debutant from the project, it assumes the visceral as bipartitical emblem, as memento mori and marc of an intempestiv vitalism in the same time. Of gothic essence, a surrealist filon can be detected to him; the same ascendant easy touched also Suzana Dan and Simona Vilău. Both have also the same chromatically type outlined by the violent contrast, but, if at Simona Vilău the atmosphere approaches the psychoanalytical and the phantasm, at Suzana Dan we find a sharp cynism, a kitsch connotation nevrotic dionisiac. At least but not least, Mircea Suciu uses a painting of a technical remarkable rigor for to juxtapose and to assimilate the man without face, joint of flesh, a flash that is not even a statically nature, it becomes an image of a aseptically death, a flash that disjoint, weight and sell, remained though vain in her beauty and paradoxal freshness.

Curator: Bogdan Iacob

Press Release – The Beauty and the Beast