Extins/Contemporary jewelry and accessories

Artists: Ana Alexe, Angi Apostol, Carla Szabo, Kristina Dragomir, Kuki Constantinescu, Luciana Libidov, Mihaela Tarhuna, Mihaela Zvîncă, Roxana Davidescu

Curator: Dan Pierşinaru

Opening: 05.12.2006 at 07:00 pm

The contemporary author jewelry creates oneself a way in which the luxury, privilege, permanency; exclusivism meaning are leted beside. In exchange it propouses to investigate the relation between giffrent materials, forms, colours, structures, values and states.

In this context, tu use just one word: jullery is inaccurately. In the contemporary jwellery the confines became fluid, the jwellery fulfilling many functions and becaming an indispensable accesorie thro that it desire always to transmit a state or to capture the attention to that people that compose the medium, the creation or the mentaining of an identity.

Through theier entering into a gallery of contemporary art it provoces another typ of validation for the jewellery / accesories made by designers, majority are handmadeed and from this point de vue unique.

Curator: Dan Pierşinaru

Press release – Extins contemporary jewelry and accessories