Lettres et Livres

Artişti: Alexandru Rădvan, Doina Simionescu, Ciprian Udrescu

Curator: Diana Dochia

12.12.2005 – 21.12.2005

Opening: 12.12.2005, at 07:00 p.m.

Bringing together three artists Alexandru Rădvan, Doina Simionescu, Ciprian Udrescu the exhibition “Lettres et Livres” is dedicated to the contemporary drawing, graphics and engravings The drawing seen as a previous sketch for the painting, the graphic seen as a way of a artisticaly self definition or as an object like in the instalation work “Black boxes” signed Doina Simionescu and the engraving seen as a Kavafis work foreword in the object books made by Alexandru Rădvan. The sharp and elegant drawing, but full of firmness of Alexandru Rădvan finds again so in the series of drawings dedicated to the Minotaurus, exhibit this year at the Biennial for paining, Prague, the second edition, as in that ten engravings that illustrate sequences from the Kavafis writings ensemble in five object books. Near this Doina Simionescu’s “Black boxes” from different forms and measurements hide “letters et souvenirs d’amour”, delicate drawings that presents hurried and flurried writings in pastel tusche. Perhaps, just, the Ciprian Udrescu’s engravings to carry us into a geometrical world, full of asperity, thru straight and well defined lines. But everything merge in mystery and in ineffable from the Ciprian Udresu’s engravings that reprezents monolit rock’s, to Doina Simionescu’s “mistery boxes”, to Alexandru Rădvan’s shackled Minotaurus and Kavafis bygone times.

Curator: Diana Dochia

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