Black Rumania

Artist: Tara (von Neudorf)

Curator: Diana Dochia

08.04.2005 – 30.04.2005

Vernisaj: 08.04.2005, at 07:00 p.m.

Tara undresses Romania

Tara refuses any intellectual responsability. Tara has no moral authority. Tara rejects any form of filistinism. Tara protects himself of any sophisticated form of art. His relationship with the world is easy going with a brutal and dayly protest. He renounces from the start to the well known methods of the political artists: through the looking glass or the truth of fiction.

He takes over anything from anywhere. He does not mind that this anything could lose its real effect. He has the strategy of a rapper: the metaphor is a blur let us stay to accumulation, irony, humor, cinism. The abstract is associated only with the idea of libery and radicality.

He has the ethic of a hacker: art and beauty=game over. He investigates extravagance and excces. His attitude is cut and paste trying politically the sytangm I and the world.

Looking beyond and between Tara passes over the converting test of pop culture to art. The style of pretending to be honest and an aesthtic between dirty and spectacular result into an incendiary subjective dimension. Versatile he takes the necessary distance to any emotion and any of its representation.

Tara deals with a neurotic realism. He enjoys a pop noir if we accept that this kind of art has a certain aesthetic…

The expertise is a risk for Tara. As he likes anything and handles anything he can be regarded as an apotheoses of casual consume, as he proposes an agressive refuse of intrinsic quality he can easily be regarded as worthless, as he reads Romania in slang he can be himself accused of the black negative sides of Romanian society.

In an area free from any ideology he stipulates the brand do-it-yourself. No matter of goods, academy, sex, social utopia, political games, history, terrorism, investment philosophy, serial movies, low music, mockery, rules, publicity, religion, red governments, alcoholism, influencial military areas, homosexuality, myths, money, conspirations…

Monsters, demons, politicians, whores, everyting is absorbed in his own project.

Tara gathers concepts which others deny, changes the trash into fetish and brings new idols in fashion.

In a desperate and agressive intention to explain black, negative Romania, Tara does not stylise horror. Even more, every moment is delivered with personal pathos / an overflourished personal chaos for a 21st miracle chamber/.

Liviana Dan, art critic

Translated: Iulia Mesea

Press release – Black Rumania, Tara (von Neudorf)