Dilitdotcom – Symptoms of the contemporary myth

Artist: Dumitru Gorzo

Curator: Diana Dochia

08.10.2004 – 18.10.2004

Opening: 08.10.2004 at 06:00 p.m.

Almost nothing was written about pheromones painting and not many things are known about spy ball carving either. Nor about Iewood essence is known more or about its special chemical characteristics that stir up the interest to visiting and fine collectors who can look olphactivelly at the Ultra Byte attractants already used in Great Britain for many years (especially in carved painting apparently two dimensional). One may think it is about an old freemasonic techniques that Gorzo (not Andrei from old Dilema who can not see well, but Dumitru Gorzo, the reformer painter of contagious labor used less successfully by Picasso by comparison with Kippenberger more gifted because he lived shorter) is inheriting from a family haunted by that pure experimentalism only to be found at the Vikings settled in Delphi so as he puts the foundation in visual arts of premonition. What simply amazes is the fact that Gorzo skips the final stages (leading to the main stream wished by weak-hearted artists), without following the prescription so as he gets to the beginning, where future is very clear.

Gheorghe Rasovszky, visual artist

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