Robert Bandi Saşa, born on 1989 in Cluj Napoca, Romania is a graduate of University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

In his creation, Robert Bandi Sașa approaches the deepest and often tremendous human feeling. The power of questioning the darkest feelings transforms the exhibitions of Bandi Saşa Robert into a query and research of human abyss. Being fascinated by “the malign tomorrow”, as he was writing at a time being, drawings and paintings of Bandi Saşa Robert are questioning a dehumanized, truncated and fragmentary society.

His projects made of hundreds of works transform the exhibition space into an incendiary installation full of virulent criticism against contemporary society. A society marked by abuse, anxiety, cowardice and darkness. His drawings and paintings, besides the visual content extremely strong are often accompanied by written comments to underline the idea of ​​a society in full decomposition and under the sign of evil.

Robert Bandi Saşa collaborates with Anaid Art Gallery since 2013.

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