Mihai Florea, born on 1986 in Reghin, Mures County, Romania, is a graduate of National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania.

Mihai Florea makes in his artistic projects a fin comment regarding the contemporary society. An “extra-wrapped” society where it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between the human being and the human being as an object or tool used to attract with marketing purposes ordinary or luxury objects.

The power of money, fight for oil, absolute ideal of feminine beauty on the pattern 90-60-90 cm, automobile as a vehicle of time travel, and as a way to discuss some remarkable moments of human history are favourite topics of Mihai Florea’s creation. Seriality of his projects, using oversized details and fragments lead to the impossibility of location in time and space of the represented moment.

Mihai Florea is represented by Anaid Art Gallery since 2011.

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