Matei Arnăutu is born on 1978 at Bucharest, Romania. Graduated the National University of Arts in Bucharest, and he has a PhD in visual arts and he teach at the same university.

Matei Arnăutu integrates in his works found and kept objects from different periods of life. Some of these objects were around artist since childhood, being bearers of a subjective rich history. In this way, these objects lose their natural banality becoming “an extension of my own conscience” as the artist confessed. “This type of object, a wardrobe, a table, or a simple spoon, communicates a state rather than a functional message. My goal was to rearrange a series of objects having a self-referential value, respecting their individuality, but not necessarily the shape, in a new context to convey the viewer feeling that I experienced myself in the environment which they inhabited naturally. Somehow, I reenacted the situation where an expressionist painter works after a model. The result differs from reality by the exacerbated presence of the emotional side”.

In 2010 he participates in international exhibition “Balkan Youth Festival” from Litohoro, Greece, and in 2002 he receives the second prize for painting for the exhibition “Accents & Imprints”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.

In 2014 he participated with the installation “Fear” within the 6th edition of Bucharest International Biennale for Contemporary Art (BB6).

Matei Arnăutu is represented by Anaid Art Gallery since 2011.

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