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MiArtX2005, Milano, Italia

Anaid Art Gallery was established in 2004, and it is a portfolio private gallery designated for the contemporary art. The gallery has two levels and a circular parcours, and a surface of 120 sqm designated to the temporary contemporary art exhibitions. The gallery has developed a series of partnerships and collaborations with museums, cultural centers and arts universities from Romania and abroad. In the same time the gallery participating from 2005 on the international art market in the framework of international art fairs.

From 2006 Anaid Art Gallery is member of National Romanian Museums Network (RNMR).

Anaid Art Gallery was even from the beginning an innovator provider of the exhibitional events. It is the first contemporary art gallery that initiated and implemented the concept of exhibition design from Romania in 2007 thru the program anaid art + architecture project. In 2008 is the first contemporary art gallery from Romania that integrates in the framework of his curatorial projects the existence of a space dedicated to the fashion design, thru the department Concept Space Anaid Art.

The gallery aims are to promote Romanian contemporary art by develop partnerships and collaborations with international galleries, to encourage and stimulate esthetical values, offering a welcoming space between the artist and the public.

The objectives of the gallery are:

to support the Romanian contemporary art, to underline the educational role of art in promoting moral ethic and esthetic values though stimulating creativity, offering access to information and participating in cultural events;
to coordinate the research and promotion of contemporary Romanian art,
to develop a frame for artistic information communications through media; to facilitate access to the national and international networks of communication.
Program anaid art + architecture project

In 2007 the gallery had initiated a program that takes the title “anaid art + architecture project” as fallowing collaboration between a contemporary art gallery and an architecture studio. The curatorial practice at an international level includes within the frame of the curatorial project the collaboration between the curator and the architect of the exhibition after whose plans the architectural arrangements are done, and the latter being based upon the concept of the entire exhibition.