Traian Boldea, born on 9 February1978 in Bucharest, Romania is a graduate of National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania. Currently, he is a teacher at the same university, painting department.

The fragmentary seriality of Traian Boldea’s images often refers to the postmodernism “quotative character” in which the image is taken out from its narrative context and forced to exist independently. Traian Boldea’s characters are truncated human beings, people caught in the run of the present moment, without past and future. Boldea’s works seem to be arising from the daily snapshots, full of content creating the feeling of a reality seen through a window. Taking elements of pop art aesthetic, his characters descend from a soap opera fashion.

The newest series “Agoraphobia” contains: Babel Tower, Archangel Gabriel, Annunciation Sketch, Sodom and Gomorrah, Forty Martyrs of Sebastian, John the Baptist, Apocalypse of Paul, Necrophobia, Hunters, Heaven, Doomsday. The elaborateness of working in pen and ink and the idea of a delirious crowd outline a fantastic tenacity and a rich philosophical meaning. In the crowd you can meet Plato, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Shakespeare etc., you just have to look carefully.

Traian Boldea is represented by Anaid Art Gallery since 2008.

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